Our clients understand that people seeking investors’ capital are not always honest or forthcoming. “Facts” and projections need to be verified.

Our clients also understand that a due diligence investigation isn’t magic, it's work.

  • If the company says: we own the building or the patent;
    we check.
  • If the company says: we have pending orders; we check.
  • If the company says: we will be ready to ship by spring;
    we check.
  • If the company says: we are way ahead of our competition;
    ​we check.
  • We check the backgrounds of the people who run the company; every time.

We select and supervise a team of due diligence professionals appropriate for each offering that we investigate. We draw from a deep pool of lawyers, accountants and other professionals with the specialized experience you need. Many are our long-time friends and colleagues from around the country. Most are a little too senior for the task that we assign to them and that is exactly what our clients like.

We charge less than we would charge if we managed a stable of lawyers, accountants and experts under one roof. You pay for a diligent investigation of the offering, not high-rise overhead or a pretty report. We throw the pretty report in for free.

Our principals have testified in civil trials and FINRA securities arbitrations on numerous occasions, frequently on the subject of due diligence. In cases where we have been called upon to evaluate the due diligence of others, our credentials and expertise have always been accepted.

We have each helped prepare many private placement documents from inception. We understand what it takes to verify the facts that they contain. We can provide you with a due diligence investigation of any private placement offering that is reasonable and appropriate.

Please tell us what we can do for you. 

We have assisted clients in the following types of Private Placements:

  • Real Estate
  • Oil and Gas
  • Alternative Energy
  • Entertainment and Media finance
  • Airplane and Equipment financing
  • International finance
  • Private Equity
  • Seafood Processing
  • Technology
  • Commodity Finance
  • And more!​

Diligent Investigations of Private Placement Offerings

Our services are sought by: 

  • Attorneys and investment bankers who are preparing private placement offerings:
  • Broker/Dealers, Registered Investment Advisors, Family Offices and other professional intermediaries who sell private placements or buy them for others.
  • Institutional and Accredited investors who are considering investing in private placement securities in their own accounts

We are an independent service provider working to help protect your individual assets or your firms’ assets.

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