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Mr. Brandon is also the founder of JBrandonConsulting, LLC.  JBrandonConsulting does FINRA Arbitration and Trial Consulting, as well as providing Expert Witness Testimony. 

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Trust but verify

We Investigate, Diligently

Our approach to due diligence:

Our approach to due diligence begins by acknowledging that companies seeking investors’ capital frequently exaggerate the positives and downplay or omit the negatives. We approach each due diligence investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism. We expect companies raising money to back-up the facts that they are representing to investors.

We are a boutique, not a factory. We perform due diligence investigations one at a time. Our investigations are often part forensic; part physical. We use real estate lawyers to review real estate contracts; auditors with oil and gas experience to review drilling logs and reserves; engineers with relevant backgrounds to review patents and products; appraisers and inspectors where needed. We get the right people to ask the right questions about each offering. 

Our Co-founders:

Jeffrey Brandon and Irwin Stein  each have more than 40 years of experience in various aspects of Broker/Dealer management, corporate finance and private placement offerings. Each learned the legal, accounting and business aspects of due diligence investigations working in the trenches at both regional and national investment banks. Each has supervised teams of due diligence professionals investigating many diverse offerings. 

Our Offer:

Let us select and supervise the team of due diligence professionals for the next private placement offering you are considering. We will provide you with a detailed work-plan, budget and proposal for our investigation, up front. You pay only for the expertise, services and investigation that you need. 

Broker-dealers and Registered Investment Advisors are required to do a “reasonable” due diligence investigation to verify the facts before they offer the securities to prospective investors. We are happy to supplement your in-house due diligence efforts and expertise.

We provide high quality due diligence investigations of private placement and private equity securities offerings. We investigate the people, the contracts, the balance sheet, the business and the products of companies seeking private investment capital. It is the details. after all, that contain the most important information.